Due to the current pandemic, all campus activities have been conducted online. The campus does not allow students to engage in non-academic activities which are usually hosted on-campus. Despite such problems, the Student Council has managed to innovate and conduct their non-academic programs successfully through online platforms. The Welfare Division of SCi hosted their first online program, Online Art Week, to support students’ welfare during the learning from home period. This program aimed to help students express themselves by showcasing their artworks and/or musical performances. The platform used in this activity was Instagram.  Online Art Week was conducted from September 14th until September 30th  and was open for all i3L family members including students, alumni, faculties and staff. The submission categories include visual arts (all forms), performing arts (solo/group singing, instrumental cover, band performance, solo/group dance) and literature (poem, poetry and short stories). Several students participated in the Online Art Week and Emita Josephine from Food Science & Nutrition 2017 (@emitajoo) was the selected winner, who received 50k as her reward. Congratulations! If you would like to see all the submissions received by the committee, you can find them on SCi’s Instagram, @i3lstudentcouncil (#OnlineArtWeeki3L) or you can click on this link →  Online Art Week Winner

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