October: Animal Welfare Program 2023

Author: Nicolas Adiputra Gunawan (FT ‘21)

To celebrate Animal Welfare Day, SCi’s Community Outreach Division, in collaboration with the Communications Division, held a new online campaign that ran across 9–13 October 2023. This time around, we decided to give the spotlight to animal welfare, which is included as the 15th goal listed in the UN’s SDGs, which is “Life on Land”. A total of 165 campaigners signed up for and partook in this campaign. 


Throughout the campaign, campaigners were tasked to post animal welfare-related contents on Instagram to promote the good handling of animals living around us. For instance, campaigners posted an Instagram feed post with the theme “Human Negligence Towards Animals” as well as a brief microblog or infographic with the theme “Endangered Animals”. Not only that, campaigners also had the chance to showcase and gain information regarding animal welfare through fun activities like bingo and crossword puzzles.


Lastly, not only did this campaign fulfill its aim in sharing awareness, but we also managed to collect funds through our offline business selling and donations in the form of money or animal-related items. All profits and donations collected during our campaign period were donated to Pejaten Shelter, a nonprofit organization based in South Jakarta. This shelter is known to foster hundreds of stray animals, including dogs, cats, and monkeys, and prioritizes caring for their health and wellbeing. Despite the short duration of our campaign, we hope that all of us will continue to support and take good care of all the animals we meet. Thank you for your participation during our campaign and watch out for future campaigns from our very own Community Outreach Division!


See our campaigners’ submissions on #i3lforanimalrights or #awpcampaign!

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