Navigating the Crossroad: Internship vs Student Exchange

Author: Priscilla Klaresza Adhiwijaya (BT ‘21)

Making choices in life is surely difficult, especially when it’s as committed as deciding between doing internships or student exchanges. For many bachelor students, this crossroad becomes very apparent towards the end of their university life, where the two are possible options for obtaining compulsory course credits.


Last 14 December, the Learning and Development Division invited three special guests to speak on this crucial matter in Alumni Talks 2023. The first alumna, Tiffany Georgine T’sidkenu Widjaja from FSN 2019, spoke on her time working as a Sports Nutrition Research Intern at the Center for Sports and Exercise Studies, Indonesia Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI FKUI). Contrasting her arguments was Irvandhi Stanly Winata from FT 2018, who was awarded the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) scholarship to study at Korea University in 2021. Meanwhile, as a middle ground, Tasya Alifya from BT 2019 brought forward both perspectives from her experiences as a Process Development Intern at Kalbio Global Medika and a 2021 IISMA Awardee to Prince of Songkla University in Thailand.


Arranged as a casual moderated conversation, the three admired alumni reminisced on their chosen paths’ extensive preparations, fluctuating ups and downs, as well as their lifelong impacts and impressions. While each was observably passionate and proud of the journey they ventured through, a clear message was the encouragement of self discovery and confidence in moving forward. So take the time to sit down, relax, and ask yourself how you will navigate your crossroad.

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