Lecturers Achievements In Research

Greetings from the i3L Research and Community Service Department!
Are you familiar with the i3L Research and Community Service Department (Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, LPPM) LPPM serves as the center of research and community service initiatives within our institution. LPPM spearheads a series of research and community service initiatives, especially those led by our esteemed lecturers.

Become a Changemaker: Student Involvement Opportunities
Ready to get involved and contribute to the advancement of our Research and Community Service initiatives? LPPM actively seeks student participation! Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Internal Grant Calls: Each year, we offer internal grants for innovative research and community service projects. Have a groundbreaking idea? Collaborate with your supervisor and submit a compelling proposal within the designated time frame.
  • External Grant Opportunities: Many of our esteemed lecturers secure external grants from government bodies, industries, and various national and international agencies. These faculty members often seek enthusiastic student collaborators, offering valuable hands-on experience.

Celebrating Excellence: Lecturers Achievements
We take immense pride in our lecturers’ accomplishments! A round of applause for our stellar lecturers who secured external funding at national and international levels. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to all!

Take Action Today!
Empower your research and community service journey and make a lasting impact. Contact your supervisor to explore more opportunities.

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