Greetings from the International Office at i3L! The year 2019 has ended and we would like to invite you to look back at what we have achieved in the past 12 months. i3L has always strived for fully supporting its students to gain as much international exposure as possible and last year was a particularly busy year for the International Office.

i3L has had the chance to host a number of international students who came to i3L for an exchange program. Three students from Teikyo University, Japan, came and studied at i3L for 3 weeks between in August 2019. They came as exchange students and did their research under the supervision of the Biotechnology department. They also got the chance to learn English together with other i3L students through the English Bootcamp program. In September 2019, we welcomed three students of Ehime University to our campus for a 3-day visit. Ehime University has been sending their students to i3L for the last 4 years as they find the visit beneficial and meaningful for their students.

We were delighted to welcome students from overseas for the student exchange program. University of Boras sent two students, Adina Engstrom and Ida Johansson, while University of New South Wales (UNSW) sent one student, Tina Nguyen, to i3L for a one-semester exchange program. The students have had a great time studying at i3L and have completed their semester successfully.

i3L has secured the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant to UniLaSalle, France, which can be used by both students and faculty members. The total amount of grant that i3L is entitled to is € 32,707. This grant has finally opened a way for faculty members to gain extra training abroad. The International Office is ready to help students and faculty members prepare their documents should they decide to apply for the grant.

Last but not least, we were more than happy, as always, to have the opportunities welcoming students from overseas universities, such as Universite de Nantes, HAS University of Applied Science, and Tufts University, as interns at i3L’s excellent research laboratories.

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