Kalbis Institute Collaborates with i3L in Fighting Covid-19

Kalbis Institute Collaborates with i3L in Fighting Covid-19

Monday (28/6/2021), Kalbis Institute helped accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination program in collaboration with the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) as an effort to support the government’s program in fighting Covid-19. The vaccine used in this Vaccine Center is Sinovac.

One of the things that can be is done is by giving vaccines to the general public, especially educators, students, and corporations.

“We divide the vaccination program in the morning and afternoon to minimize crowds to follow the recommended protocol by the government,” said Raymond.

The conditions applied to receive this vaccine are those aged 18 years and over also shown an ID card. However, consider the availability of vaccines in the area.

“The Vaccination Center in Kalbis is targeting 3,000 people within four days. We hope that we can reach this number so that people from all circles of society can be vaccinated to pursue acceleration, the spread of vaccines” he said.

The prospective recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine will later go through an assessment process and data verification first. After receiving the vaccine, they will then undergo observation before finally being allowed to go home.

The Covid-19 vaccine and vaccination logistics that are allocated and distributed at each term can be used for administering the first and second doses of vaccination for those who need it and come to the vaccination service.

Iwan Surjawan as Rector of i3L revealed that this Covid-19 vaccination requires 2 times the injection dose. The first dose for triggering an immune response, and the second dose for a developed immune response

“The period of the first dose of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine to the second dose is 28 days, it is hoped that before giving the second dose, the public will maintain the protocol because it takes weeks for the body to build antibodies after being vaccinated,” as Iwan said.

However, with this vaccination, it is expected that the body will be stronger against exposure to the COVID-19 virus. So if you are still infected, it will only show mild symptoms and does not experience severe symptoms.

“Public enthusiasm for the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine program is also quite high, since 08.00 WIB, people have flocked to come and take turns to get the vaccine,” he explained.

Naik Enokh Parmenas as Rektor of the Kalbis Institute hopes that the existence of the Vaccination Center Kalbis can become one of the important pillars in handling Covid-19 and recovery after the pandemic, especially in the fields of education and the economy in Indonesia. The handling of Covid-19 cannot be carried out alone, all parties, including the Kalbis Institute as a provider of higher education quality, are committed to fully contributing to the handling of Covid-19, including the recovery process after this pandemic.

Raymond added that with this vaccination activity, the Kalbis Institute hopes to establish herd immunity, as protection for the elderly and people who have not been vaccinated.” We hope to accelerate herd immunity to protect the public with vaccines, not by exposing disease-causing pathogens.

“We have high hope that the public will keep their distance during this vaccination process because the new antibodies will be perfectly formed and work well against exposure to the covid virus on the 28th day,” he said.

The role of the Vaccination Center does not only involve the Kalbis Institute and i3L, but also in collaboration with several other agencies. Kalbis Institute itself is under the KALBE Education Foundation which has three levels of coursework, namely diploma, bachelor, and master. The lecture program offered by the Kalbis Institute focuses more on social sciences.

Meanwhile, the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L), is an educational and research institution dedicated to providing education and research with satellite facilities for marine, forest, and healthcare research as well as an international network of lecturers with international standards.

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