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The 21st century was marked by a change in the center of the world economy which was originally centered in western countries (Europe-USA) into eastern countries (Asia). This change is in line with the economic growth of Asian countries. This growth will certainly bring opportunities and challenges for multinational companies. With a dominant population in China, India, and Indonesia, these three countries will become big markets. Asian economic growth is estimated to reach 5%, which is the driving force for growth in the world economy. But along with economic growth and a large population, Asia also faces risks. These risks include the growth of the spirit of protectionism in various countries, high geopolitical tension, an increasingly aging population, and low productivity will require structural reforms in Asian countries. The current global economy is also marked by digitalization, where the developing technology creates destructive challenges and constructive opportunities. Asian countries are now leaders in the digital revolution, but to continue to take advantage of these opportunities, policies are needed in various fields including policies in information technology, trade, labor markets, and education.

Call for Papers and Projects

Papers Submission Guidelines
  • Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit abstracts and/or full paper for presentation and shall be written and presented in English.
  • The abstract should be min. 300-max. 500 characters long and should discuss the purpose of the research, the relevance of the problem, the literature review, the methods, and the main findings. There are 5 to 7 keywords will be included.
  • Papers should have the following structure: introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, and conclusion. The text should be 10-15 pages, characters Times New Roman 12, single spacing.
  • All articles must be submitted online *CLICK HERE, and peer review is managed fully electronically (articles are distributed in PDF form, which is automatically generated from the submitted files). Accepted papers from registered participants will be published in the conference proceedings with an ISBN and further evaluated for possible submission to the special issue of Asian Journal of Business Research (AJBR) and Book Series of Managing Asian Century.
  • Paper writing guideline *CLICK HERE
    * There are additional costs for editing and publication.



Conference Themes

Topics of interest include but not limited to the following:
1. Economics
2. Finance &Accounting
3. Marketing
4. Operations & Supply chain mgt
5. Human Resources
6. Strategic Management
7. Entrepreneurship
8. Other topics related

Projects Submission Guidelines

Participating students work in groups on a project focus, with topics: Tourism, Passion Fruit, Seafood, Cacao, Public & Private and Nut. 

Scope and activities are:
1. Scope of review before the visit in collaboration with overseas working partners – 13th October 2019.
2. Poster for Exhibition & Public Presentation of Analysis based on ‘Project Focus’ at Makassar’s ICEPBM 2019 (10 slides 15 min)- 28th October 2019

Registration Fee

*Before 31st August 2019

• Registration fees apply to all presenters.
• On-site payment is limited only for conference participants (non-presenter)

The conference fee covers the following circumstances:
a. Registration fee in accordance with the represented institution
b. Registration and conference program
c. Seminar Kit
d. Corresponding authors and participants will receive a certificate of participation
e. Meals during the conference
f. Conference fees are not refundable

Please transfer your registration fee to
Account name: PT Indonesia International Institute for Life Science
Account number: 094 882 1888
Bank name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Bank address: BCA KCU Rawamangun
Please email your payment receipt in jpg or pdf file to
For information: fredy.jumandra@i3l.ac.id or icepbm@i3l.ac.id


WHAT IS ICEPBM ? Go to https://i3l.ac.id/icepbm/

WHAT IS ICEPBM ? Go to https://i3l.ac.id/icepbm/

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