Yohana Elma Sadeli

i3L Food Science and Nutrition Cohort 2018
IISMA Awardee to Korea University, South Korea

Irvandhi Stanly Winata

i3L Food Technology Cohort 2018
IISMA Awardee to Korea University, South Korea

Congratulations to our student, Yohana Elma Sadeli and Irvandhi Stanly Winata
on their semester abroad

What is IISMA?

Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) is the Government of Indonesia scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian students for mobility programs at top Universities overseas. Undergraduate students could spend one semester at the overseas university partner to study, to experience the host country’s culture and undertake practical assignments to hone their skills.

About Korea University, South Korea

Korea University ranked in the Top 100 World University by QS Ranking 2021

Food Science and Nutrition Bachelor’s Program

At i3L, the discussions on food, nutrition and human health intertwine and are delivered from the molecular level up to population and global levels; from the chemistry, microbiology, safety, and processing aspects of food up to its functionality on gene and cell levels; its use for human digestion and metabolism, its effects on human health at individual and population levels, as well as its impact on the on society and the environment.

Food Technology Bachelor’s Program

The Food Technology program at i3L aims to satisfy the needs of the society for sustainable food quality, safety and security. This field applies the principles of science to ensure safe manufacture, packaging and distribution.

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