i3L proudly presents a 3-day workshop, “The Virtual Screening of Herbal Compounds with Molecular Simulation Methods” in collaboration with Perdana University, Malaysia.

During the program, participants will be introduced to the virtual screening of herbal compounds and medicine, as well as Bio-Informatics scientific publishing.

This workshop will cover:
– The fundamental theories and concepts of Bio-Informatics and molecular docking.
– The principles of molecular docking parameters and the implementation of the parameters in setting up molecular docking studies.
– The qualitative and quantitative analysis of molecular docking studies.
– Hands-on experience in docking studies and virtual screening using Autodock and Autodock Vina.
– The journal publication process. Participants will be given a handout comprising of Bio-Informatics manuscript preparation for submission in SCOPUS or WOS-indexed journals.

Details are as follow:
Date: December 4 – 6, 2019
Fee: IDR 3.5 Million

Mr. David
(+62)87 781 535 936

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