i3L firmly operates by a zero-waste approach as the institute is extremely aware of the destructive impact of waste on the environment, climate change, and life on Earth. The university has done notable efforts on reducing the damage: other than embedding sustainability education into the curriculum and directing its research altogether towards sustainability – the student organizations themselves initiate movements concerning sustainability, for instance, the one reported in this article.

Every day from October 17 to 21 2022, 12-1 PM, a line of students was seen queuing enthusiastically with recyclable waste in their hands. They were donating their waste to a booth, set up in the lobby of the i3L campus –  marked by a poster that announced the name of the event: “i3L Recycle (i3R)”. Initiated by the Student Council of i3L (SCi), the program aimed to increase the recycling rate by accommodating the community with an easy-to-access recycling station. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away and turning them into new products, thus saving the environment. Supporting the institute’s goal of being a Zero Waste campus, the recycling event was highly appreciated. 

On the execution, i3L Waste Ranger, a student-led organization, helps attend the booth, weigh the waste and store it away for further pick-up. An average of twenty students each day showed up as waste donors, delivering recyclables in exchange for waste points. One waste point is worth 10 pcs plastic containers, or 300 mL cooking oil, or 300 gr paper. After five waste points are collected, one CSR point can be redeemed, with a maximum of two CSR points awarded. The students’ excitement seemed to be boosted by this appreciation – and it has left positive remarks on all parties. 

SCi also collaborates with a recycling company called Duitin. With a booking made on the Duitin Picker application, SCi scheduled a trash pick-up date and asked Duitin to get the recyclables cleared from the campus building. Later on, a minivan from Duitin was spotted and the personnel immediately weighed and stored the recyclables away. The program was successful with a total of 90 donors, collecting recyclables that amount to 1,386 pcs of plastic containers, 134 kg of paper, 4,1 L of used cooking oil, 34 glass bottles, and other miscellaneous (21 pcs multilayer boxes, 15 kg of cardboards). It has collected plenty of recyclables, given them second lives, and made remarkable progress in transforming i3L into a better solution for the community, Jakarta, and the world. The event will continuously be held bimonthly for a week, so stay informed on the next pick-up cycle date, mark it on your calendar, and don’t miss out on the upcoming i3R’s recyclables collection program! 

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