As part of i3L’s collaboration with Orang Tua (OT) on research and development, Dr. Putu Virgina’s research group from the Biotechnology Department successfully conducted Upstream Bioprocess Laboratory Training .This three-day training was designed to introduce the R&D staff to the typical upstream processing performed in fermented food production.
Navitri Chandra Naidu
Research Assistant / i3L alumni
i3L-OT Microbiology Laboratory Training

i3L-OT Microbiology Laboratory Training

Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) and Orang Tua (OT) have been working on a collaborative project on fermented food product development since 2018. As the second round of the project had been completed, training on upstream bioprocess was provided to the OT’s R&D staff, led by Ms. Putu Virgina Partha Devanthi, Ph.D., as the principal investigator and the head of the Biotechnology Department. The training was held in i3L from November 8th – 10th, 2021, designed to share research findings and technology and equip the participants with the required skills. The training included both theory and hands-on practices covering microbial cell preservation and banking system, cultivation, inoculum development, media formulation, and sterilization. The training was delivered by Mr. Ihsan Tria Pramanda, M.Sc. (Faculty of Biotechnology), Mr. Muhammad Novianto Bayu Saputro, M.Sc. (Laboratory Assistant), and Ms. Navitri Chandra Naidu, B.Sc. (Research Assistant/i3L Alumni).

On the first day, our rector and co-principal investigator of the project, Mr. Iwan Surjawan, Ph.D., gave a warm speech to welcome the OT participants. Then, before starting the experiment, the instructors gave a one-hour lecture in the morning to ensure that the participants understood the principles behind each experiment. Each participant was then provided with laboratory equipment and chemicals to give them a better hands-on experience. Finally, on the last day of the training, Dr. Putu Virgina gave a concluding remark, followed by a group picture and token of appreciation from OT participants to the i3L team.

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