i3L Food Tech Students Develop Eco-Friendly “Corn Corn Dog” to Combat Food Waste in Indonesia

i3L food technology students are leading the charge against food waste with their innovative “Corn Corn Dog.” This delicious creation utilizes every part of the corn cob, a major agricultural byproduct in Indonesia.

Indonesia, a leading corn producer, faces a significant challenge – corn cob waste. With only half of the corn harvest used as grain, the remaining cobs often end up in landfills. i3L students Andrea Zefany, Cathleen Rebecca, Nelson Sebastian,Raymond Praditya, and Wieke Windelyn are tackling this issue head-on by creating a delicious and sustainable solution.

Taking inspiration from the popular Korean street food, the “Corn Corn Dog” elevates this classic treat with a focus on sustainability. The key innovation lies in the batter. Instead of relying solely on all-purpose flour, the i3L students developed a unique blend incorporating corn cob flour and corn silk powder.

Corn cobs, once discarded, are transformed into a nutritious flour rich in dietary fiber, promoting gut health and blood sugar control. Corn silk powder adds a further nutritional boost, offering anti-inflammatory properties.

The “Corn Corn Dog” isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the planet. By utilizing the entire corn cob, the product minimizes waste and promotes sustainable food practices – a crucial aspect for Indonesia’s growing agricultural industry.


A Journey of Innovation at i3L

The students’ journey began in February with product research, followed by proposal pitching in March. May saw them embark on product trials, culminating in a product showcase on June 11th.

The i3L students meticulously developed their product through the principles of food technology. Corn cobs were dried and ground with corn silk to create the unique flour. The batter recipe was carefully formulated, incorporating all-purpose flour for structure alongside the corn cob flour and corn silk powder for added nutrition. Sensory evaluations ensured the final product delivered on taste, texture, and overall appeal.

The “Corn Corn Dog” is a testament to the ingenuity of i3L students. It tackles a pressing environmental concern while offering a delicious and nutritious snack. This innovative product exemplifies how future generations of food scientists at [Institute Name (i3L)] are using their skills to create a more sustainable and healthy future for food. 


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