i3L-Boston University Collaboration: A Pathway to Studying in the US

i3L-Boston University Collaboration: A Pathway to Studying in the US

Studying in the US has been something of a dream to a lot of people as some of the world’s best universities are located there. Unfortunately, studying in the US is not as easy as it seems, even when funding is not a problem. This is due to the fact that top US universities are very selective in their student recruitment.

Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is one of the few campuses in Indonesia that can help students continue their studies in the US. i3L, which is located in Pulomas, Jakarta, has an established collaboration with Metropolitan College (MET College) at Boston University which enables i3L graduates to continue their study in Boston, US. So, what exactly are the collaborative programs the i3L has with MET College? Let’s take a look at some facts on the i3L-Boston University collaboration below!

Facts on i3L-Boston University Collaboration

1. Boston University is known as the biggest private research university in the US

Boston University has been actively producing high-quality research and implementing them for the good of the people. This university encourages its students and faculty members to conduct research in all fields. 

Boston University is also the fourth biggest private university in the US. It is situated on 54-acre land spread across Commonwealth Avenue, and a part of it can be accessed through the Boston main road. Boston UNiversity is a home to 32,000 students across different programs: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate.

Boston University is famous for its strong research and start-up business culture. Students and graduates of this university are not only equipped with academic prowess, but also innovative instinct for the development of new products. The vast network that the university has can be proved by its collaborations with universities from 30 different countries, one of them being i3L.


2. A collaboration which focuses on master’s programs with many benefits

The i3L-Boston University collaboration is aimed at i3L students in order to help them continue with their master’s study in the US. 

The collaboration enables i3L students from Food Science and Nutrition, Food Technology, BioInformatics and BioEntrepreneurship departments to take a master’s program at MET College. Students of these programs can get a direct entry admission, which means that they are not required to go through any tests. They will also get a lower tuition fee and will be allowed to graduate after only 9 months. 


3. Students can apply to 7 different programs at MET College

MET College has a plethora of programs for prospective students to choose from;  there are programs that are of natural sciences and there are also other programs that are of social sciences. There are 7 programs that i3L students from the 4 programs mentioned above can choose from.

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