How Biomedicine Has Become More Important for the Healthcare Industry

JAKARTA. The development of new technology in the medical sector has marked the advancement of the healthcare industry. Researchers are still working relentlessly on a lot of different inventions that could be useful for the healthcare industry. These inventions are expected to be able to solve the unsolvable: to cure sufferers with incurable diseases.


Biomedicine is at the forefront of all therapy developments in the healthcare industry. Biomedicine helps medical professionals understand how the human body works on the molecular level. This discipline has become the basis of the most recent medical inventions and therapeutic strategies.


Melinda Siswanto, M.Eng. (Biomedical), a Biomedicine faculty member at Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) stated that biomedicine is very important in healthcare, especially in regards to disease treatment. Biomedicine is a discipline that covers contagious diseases, cancer, epidemiology, the nervous system, anatomy, physiology and many others. 


“Biomedicine is a discipline which focuses on the health and well-being of the people. The scale of the discipline covers the analysis of biological samples, research on diseases, and participating in developing therapeutic strategies like vaccines, drugs and treatments, both in private industries and government agencies,” explained Melinda in her official statement.


Melinda then stated that biomedicine and pharmacy are two interrelated disciplines. Biomedicine explains the mechanism of how a disease comes to be, while pharmacy explains how the treatment for that disease can be developed.


Biomedicine has since been widely implemented. With the advancement of technology and communications, more people have used the biomedical technology for the betterment of public health. The digitization of life has changed how patients access healthcare: this has become the birth of m-health and health-tech/medtech.


“This industry has also helped non-experts to improve their quality of life, both through directly monitoring their body or through getting easy access to doctors or health experts,” said Melinda.


The development of biomedicine as a discipline will ensure further innovations on therapy design and advanced medicine in the healthcare industry. In the future, it is expected that biomedicine will be able to find more problem-solving solutions and their applications.


Furthermore, the society has now been more aware towards health issues. Today, people do not only strive to prolong their lives, they also wish for a better quality of life. There is a need for a higher level of awareness towards investments in health which can improve the quality of people’s lives.


“In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are getting more and more curious about the coronavirus, how it came to be and how to cure it, and it all leads back to biomedicine,” Melinda stated.

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