Online Workshop
22 to 23 January 2021
Hospital Pharmacy Logistics & Services Workshop

Registration Fee : IDR 550,000
Contact Person: 0815 998 5290 (Pietradewi) or 0812 8234 2819 (Wirda)

This workshop is supported by IKATAN APOTEKER INDONESIA (IAI).

Hospital Pharmacy Workshop

Hospital Pharmacy Logistics & Services Workshop 

This workshop is held for 2 days covering 3 topics.

Day 1
22 January 2021 (07:30 – 17:00)

Day 2
23 January 2021 (08:00 – 16:00)

Topics being covered:

The Role of Pharmacist on Drugs Selection in Pharmacy and Therapy Committee.
How to choose and plan as well as evaluate drug selection.
Presented by apt. Dedi Firmansyah, S.Si (Head of Pharmacy, Al-Islam Hospital Bandung)

Procurement of Pharmaceutical Supplies
Efficient drug inventory management and recall tracking system.
Workshop: Lean Inventory Management
Presented by apt. Lusy Noviani,MM (Pharmacy Manager Atma Jaya Hospital, Vice Secretary-General of IAI)

Preparing and Dispensing
Efficient preparing and dispensing work-flow: role of manual vs automated dispensing system.
Workshop: Waiting Time Analysis
Presented by apt. Veronika Susi Purwanti Rahayu, S.Si., MBA (Pharmacist in Bethesda Hospital Yogyakarta, Treasurer of PP Hisfarsi)


i3L Pharmacy Bachelor’s Program
The Pharmacy program at I3L is a world class pharmacy school which trains the students how to solve most medical problems. Our main goal is to provide pharmacists who have strong background in the research and the clinical applications, realizing that Indonesia has been lacking of high quality research pharmacists. Hence, our program offer hands-on practical experience on advanced laboratory techniques, semi-independent projects, clinical case studies, and elective courses that support interdisciplinary knowledge in life sciences. We utilize the triple-helix concept (academia, business and government) approach which strategizes and implements the most relevant pharmaceutical research and development to the community.

Master Degree in Biomanagement
The i3L Master in BioManagement is meant for fresh graduates and professionals who want to develop their career in the highly complex yet highly promising life science industry.

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