Hospital Pharmacy Logistics & Services Workshop: Fulfilling the Need for Continuous Education amidst a Pandemic

i3L has successfully held yet another webinar and workshop event. This time, the Department of Pharmacy brought out a webinar and workshop on the topic of Hospital Pharmacy Logistics and Services on January 22-23, 2021. The webinar and workshop event invited three speakers who are prominent figures in Indonesia’s hospital pharmacy, namely apt. Dedi Firmansyah, S.Farm., Head of Pharmacy, Al-Islam Hospital Bandung; apt. Lusy Noviani, MM., Head of Pharmacy, Atma Jaya Hospital Jakarta and Vice-Secretary General of IAI; as well as apt. Veronika Susi Purwanti Rahayu, S.Si., MBA, Pharmacist at Bethesda Hospital Yogyakarta and Treasurer at PP Hisfarsi.

The workshop highlighted how a hospital pharmacy unit could increase its efficiency by implementing an automated dispensing system in managing patients’ medication waiting time as well as managing pharmaceutical supplies through pharmacists’ role in careful selection, planning process and lean inventory management. During the two-day event, a total of 68 participants from various hospitals in Indonesia had the chance to share their experiences with the speakers. In addition, participants were also provided a training in conducting lean inventory management and peak-hour/waiting time analysis as guided by apt. Lusy Noviani, MM and apt. Veronika Susi Purwanti Rahayu, S.Si., MBA as the instructors.

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The event was well-received by the attendees, which were mostly pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well those coming from procurement and finance departments of various hospitals. The feedback received was positive: the participants felt that the speakers and instructors were very enlightening in giving information, advice, and practical skills to implement in their workplace.

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