rector of i3L
rector of i3L

Dear members of the i3L family,

I wish you the very best in starting the year 2023!

2022 has been a remarkable journey for i3L. Despite all kinds of restrictions and difficulties, we have successfully overcome the challenges and remained a reliable university for those who have put their trust in i3L. I would like to thank the entire i3L family for their efforts, the never-ending support, and diligent work. In December 2022, i3L successfully produced 159 brilliant graduates. So, I would like to congratulate all 159 graduates for completing their degrees. We are truly grateful and proud of everyone’s academic achievements. i3L is always looking forward to seeing its graduates back to share their knowledge with active students. i3L is also happy to support graduates in their next academic journey.

The year 2022 was filled with important events and achievements from the students, faculty members, and also graduates. Thank you for giving your best to this institute and for bringing i3L’s name to the national and international stages. I wish you all the best of health, fulfillment, bravery, and optimism in 2023. Remember that we will only get better in 2023 with good cooperation and continued support. May all your most cherished dreams come true!

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