From A To Z Of Biomedicine

From A To Z Of Biomedicine

Talking about medical science, we can not ignore how many branches of applied science that’s followed. one in specific is Biomedicine. Biomedicine according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines biomedicine as “medicine based on the application of the principles of the natural sciences and especially biology and biochemistry.” is a collective name for biological topics focusing primarily on human health and well-being, to be precise.

The main purpose of Biomedicine itself is simply to promote and improve human health and healing.

Biomedicine has to vary widely uses, for example, the discovery of the new vaccine, the discovery of antibodies for cancer, extending human life, and revolutionizing concept development in medical world.

Here at I3L Biomedicine study program focuses on research and innovation that bridge the research on human health with drug development. i3l’s Biomedicine study program focuses on Infectious Diseases and Tumor Biology, which are still major health problems in Indonesia. Students are trained in extensive practical and implementative projects, both nationally and internationally, to develop their pathways towards becoming biomedical experts. I3L Biomedicine study program utilizes the triple-helix (academia, business, and government) approach that strategizes and implements the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community.

Biomedicine is the central and critical step for drug and therapy design and discovery.
Let say, biomedicine output is as a researcher, discovering new therapeutic approaches that targets: 

human diseases,
discovering a new drug,
a vaccine for new diseases.

Biomedicine Bachelor's Program

i3L School of Life Sciences

Biomedicine study program offered in i3L focuses on research and innovation that bridge the research on human health with drug development. 

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