i3L Student Selected for ANU’s Future Research Talent Program: A Triumph in Academic Excellence

Few accomplishments in the fields of academia and science can compare to the honor of being admitted into esteemed research programs. We are delighted to share with you news of a significant accomplishment within the i3L community: three of our exceptional students, Josia Shemuel (BioInformatics 2021), Felicia Putri Liyuwardi (Biotechnology 2020), and Kathy Ivana (Biomedicine 2021) have been admitted into the esteemed Australia National University’s (ANU) Future Research Talent (FRT) program. This achievement not only demonstrates the type of talent that i3L fosters but also demonstrates how well our students’ academic abilities and commitment to scientific investigation are recognized throughout the world.

We at i3L take great satisfaction in promoting an atmosphere that values creativity and academic achievement. The journey of our students began with cutting-edge facilities and a faculty committed to developing potential in life sciences. With a demanding curriculum and possibilities for practical research, i3L laid the groundwork for our students’ extraordinary academic journey. We took note of our students’ commitment and diligence. They continuously gave excellent performances, winning the highest accolades and distinctions from the i3L community. Our students enthusiastically participated in research projects outside of the classroom, grasping every chance to learn more and advance the scientific community. Their dedication to expanding knowledge in their field is demonstrated by their involvement in cooperative research projects and their presentations at international conferences. 

Outstanding students have the opportunity to follow their research interests and grow into future leaders in their professions through this program. We are quite pleased with our students’ achievements and have faith in their capacity to succeed at ANU. The fact that our students were accepted into ANU’s Future Research Talent program is evidence of the quality and commitment that characterize the i3L community. We want to congratulate our students from the bottom of our hearts and wish them well as they start this exciting new adventure. Their success not only benefits i3L but also encourages students in the future to follow their academic ambitions with tenacity and commitment.

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