Event Planning 101: Your Passport to a Remarkable Event

Author: Andrea Natasha Candra (FT ‘21), Hanny Honggo (BT ‘22), Novita Dwi Lestari (PH ‘22)

Have you ever wondered what it would take to successfully organize an event?🤔 Worry not as we’re about to break it down for you🤩.

First, you will need to determine the purpose of your event, whether it’s a party, gathering, or even fundraiser. This will help you to determine your target audience, which brings you to your next step, choosing your venue! You will need to choose a venue that aligns with your event’s theme and audience preference. Next, choosing a suitable date and time is also important! To help with this overall decision-making process, you can try to set a realistic budget that you’re willing to spend.

Second, creating a comprehensive yet realistic time frame outlining the key tasks and deadlines is extremely important as you wouldn’t want a chaotic event. These deadlines might include securing your vendors, promoting your event, as well as coordinating the logistics side of your event. Consider the overall experience you want your audience to have and plan the activities, speakers, or entertainment accordingly. You can also ensure seamless coordination by establishing a dedicated team responsible for specific aspects of the event, from registration and guest management to technical support and cleanup. 

Last but might be the most important is to keep the communication within the committee throughout the event planning process. You will need to encourage the committee to give feedback and adjust the plans as needed to make the event. Aside from the committee, feedback from the audience is also crucial to analyze your key performance indicators and use them to learn and create better events in the future! 

Now you’ve learned about it, what would you want your first event to be?😉 

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