The entire means for goods necessary for the continuity and comfort of human life. One of the most important technologies for humans is production technology. Current production technology is far different from the technology used 10 years ago, a century ago, especially at the beginning of human civilization. The main production technology includes food production technology and clothing production technology. The following are the developments as summarized from the Encyclopaedia Britannica (2015):

Food Technology

Food is the main human necessity. In the past, humans met their food needs by hunting.

The technologies used during the hunting and gathering period were stones, axes, wood, and shale tools. After humans became more intelligent, food needs were met through agriculture or farming. Farming was very traditional at first. Humans only rely on the hands and simple tools self-made. But along with various inventions, machines were created to help humans produce food. In the past, buffalo were used to plow the land, now farmers use tractors.

Another example, threshing grain in ancient times was done by trampling the grain. Furthermore, humans created a tool called mortar. With a mortar, the grain is pounded into a large wooden hole. Some use wooden planks to beat the grain and knock down the rice. Now, rice is knocked out of the grain using a thresher machine. Not only rice, other human foodstuffs ranging from meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, are also now obtained and processed using machines.

Clothing technology

Apart from food, another primary human necessity is clothing. Early humans did not know clothes. They can die from cold, injury, or heat. Gradually, humans used clothing to protect their bodies. Clothing was originally in the form of animal skins and fur hunted by humans. After technology developed, humans used simple weavers to shape clothes. However, by weaving, only a few clothes can be produced. Entering the industrial age, sewing machines were created. Even though it is still manual and requires human labor, this sewing machine can assemble fabrics faster. Technology continues to develop until now clothes are produced in factories using modern machines.

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