CSD Newsletter (May 2020)
BRIGHT Session: Interview Skills with Kalbe Nutritionals

BRIGHT Session is a series of soft skills training organized by the Center of Student Development (CSD) for i3L students. It is conducted regularly in every academic year with various topics to accommodate the necessary soft skills needed for university studies as well as for working in a professional working environment. BRIGHT Session is a compulsory non-academic program in which students are required to attend at least five times throughout their studies at i3L.  

During our latest edition of BRIGHT Session which was organized in collaboration with Kalbe Nutritionals, we had an insightful discussion on Grooming and  Interview Skills. The discussion covered the entirety of the job application process, starting from applying for the desired job, pivotal information on how to handle an interview as a first timer, how to groom well for an interview, and the etiquette on responding and declining a job offer. In this interactive session, students were also able to have mock interview sessions with our guest speaker who gave them constructive feedback afterwards. Such soft skills are exceptionally important for students from cohort 2017 who are going to have their credited internships this upcoming semester break. This edition of BRIGHT Session was conducted on March 13, 2020, at i3L campus and was delivered by Kalbe Nutritionals Team. 


Student-Led Community Service and Responsibility (Student-Led CSR) activities are voluntary activities which are predominantly managed and run by Student Council of i3L (SCi). Student-Led CSR activities are done regularly and are mandatory for all students in order to gain permission to do thesis projects in the final semester. Every student should participate in the Student-Led CSR activities at least five times during their studies at i3L. Student-Led CSR activities also act as a platform for students to implement all the skills they have learned from the compulsory BRIGHT Session. In organizing Student-Led CSR activities, SCi has collaborated with numerous third-party organizations. The collaborative programs vary according to the capability of each partner organization. Such programs could be conducted regularly or on a single occasion. 

One of the regular Student-Led CSR activities is Blood Donation has been done in collaboration with Red Cross Indonesia. In the 2019-2020 academic year, Blood Donation was conducted twice; on September 6, 2019, and on February 17, 2020, with over 150 participants.

There are CSR programs which are conducted once with no other reiteration afterwards. The most recent example of such programs is the 1,000,000 Masks for Indonesia open donation program. It is a crowdfunding program which was done in collaboration with BenihBaik.com and Red Cross Indonesia. The aim of the activity was to help the government fight the COVID-19 pandemic and provide masks for both doctors and patients across the country. Within 7 days, the program managed to gather IDR 8.9 million in crowdfund which has been donated to Red Cross Indonesia.


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