The 6th week of the semester has arrived and midterm examination is almost here! CONNECT is a program that is organized by the Welfare Division to help students destress from their academics and to strengthen the bond between students from different cohorts through a series of games. This event is divided into three sessions, the first session was held on the 8th of October 2021, while the second and third will be held in February and April. The games that will be played are Gartic Phone, Codenames,, Plato, Werewolf, and Hago.
The first session of CONNECT was participated by more than 50 students. Gartic Phone was the game that was played in this first session. Firstly, participants entered the Zoom meeting room and were greeted by the explanation of the rules and regulations. The participants were then assigned randomly into each breakout room consisting of about 12-15 students. In each breakout room, the participants could meet and freely talk to each other and hangout with new friends. They were encouraged to turn on their camera to make the games more fun and interactive. The games last for around 2-3 rounds or approximately 90 minutes.
In the middle of this online semester, the Welfare Division ensures that students can still enjoy their university life in a creative and fun way. All of the activities encourage students to bond and interact with each other, even in the online learning environment. So surely don’t miss out on the next sessions of CONNECT!

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