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As a student in university, it is very common to ponder about future career plans or be completely clueless on what to do after graduation. If you do, Career Week has got you covered! Career Week is an annual Career Exhibition and Professional Networking (CELL) event at i3L that gives attendees insights and essential knowledge of how life is after university and future career plans. This year, Career Week was conducted virtually for 5 days throughout 8 – 12 March 2022 and is open for i3L students and the public.

Day 1 to day 4 of Career Week 2022 began with morning company visits from 4 different companies. PT Amerta Indah Otsuka, PT Esco Utama, CV Karagen Indonesia, and PT Sysmex Indonesia attended Career Week consecutively to provide information about their workplace and gave virtual company tours for the attendees. To end each day, guest speakers were also invited to i3L to conduct workshops, a webinar, and a debate session. 

On day 1, Josandy Maha Putra, a Linkedin Alliance Partner, provided attendees with a workshop called “LinkedIn 101” to share all tips and tricks needed to spice up your LinkedIn profile. Aristyo Rizka Darmawan, a lecturer in International Law at University of Indonesia, ended the second day by conducting a webinar titled “Finding the Right Path” to encourage attendees to follow their own future paths. A debate between Fahreza Gifari Avicena, a Field Specialist at Nalagenetics, and Levanya Martina Marbun, a Field Sales for Research Items in PT Merek Chemical Life Sciences was conducted on the third day to share insights regarding the differences of working in a startup and a big company. 

Day 4 ended with another workshop from Robbyantama Kardono, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Jobspedia, titled “Job Hunting Basics” in which he provides important information needed when applying for a job. Lastly, the last day of Career Week titled “Meet the Alumni” invites over 10 alumni from all of i3L’s field of studies to share their experiences on graduating from their majors and their current work life. 

Even though Career Week 2022 was conducted virtually, it does not hinder over 300 participants to prepare for their futures. To those who want to gain essential knowledge regarding their future career plans, do not forget to join next year’s Career Week!

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