Biotechnology originated from two words: biology and technology. As a discipline, biotechnology covers a wide range of topics related to using organic materials for different products.

Biotechnology has been gaining popularity in the past years. If you are interested in studying biotechnology, there have been a lot of demands of biotechnology researchers in different sectors. A biotechnology researcher is required to develop biotechnological innovations for the improvement of the society’s quality of life.

A biotechnology researcher studies genes on a molecular level and utilizes them to make different types of products. Genes are made up of a strain of DNAs, and biotechnologists develop them into drugs and food ingredients.

As technology becomes more and more advanced, biotechnologist as a profession also becomes more and more prominent. This new trend brings about development in biotechnological products like  foods which have better nutritional values. Not only biotechnology is developed for agriculture, it also helps with the advancement of husbandry and fisheries. Some Asian countries like India, China, Thailand and Korea have developed biotechnology to help improve the lives of their people.

In order to become an expert in biotechnology, you can start learning more about biology as it is believed to be the basis of biotechnology.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the first to develop a biotechnological industry which is based on microalgae through PT. Evergen Resources. Before PT. Evergen Resources came to be, all needs for  cosmetics, food and Astaxanthin-based drugs are fulfilled through imports from Japan, China and India.

Currently, biotechnology-based industries have opened up more opportunities for biotechnology experts to contribute to improve the production of biotechnological products. As quoted from, some of the more prominent biotechnological sectors are medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology. Biotechnology experts can earn between 7 to 10 million IDR, depending on previous work experiences.

There have been many developing countries which have been implementing biotechnology in the production of different goods. There are 19 countries in total which are using biotechnological seeds, some of the examples are India, Pakistan, Brazil, Bolivia, Sudan, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Honduras and Bangladesh. This trend encourages farmers to adopt biotechnology in their production of food.


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