Can Save Food Packaging Design Minimize Food Waste?

Can Save Food Packaging Design Minimize Food Waste ?

Question, what was comes to your mind when you see a mukbang video? If you are thinking, where does all that food goes? clearly not to the influencer stomach, such a waste of food just for content. then you and me both thinking the same way. But that’s only a nail-bite size problem from the actual global issue about food waste.

Minimize Food Waste

Food wastage is a serious problem in our modern society. It was recorded that Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over 1 trillion dollars. Imagine 1 trillion dollars worth of food goes to the dumpster Meanwhile 800 million people go to bed hungry every night. From the moral point of view, it’s all wrong. It same as 1 in 9 people on the planet who are starving or malnourished as an ocean of food gets feed to the dumpster.

Indonesia’s Problem

And surprise, surprise according to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Indonesia is the second largest food waste contributor in the world. Meanwhile, food waste has a significant impact on human life, for example causing hunger. Even more ironically the level of hunger in Indonesia according to the Global Hunger Index is already at a level that is quite alarming.

Just like moral perspective, from an environmental point of view: Food Waste is big bad news for the environment. According to OLIO an independent food sharing organization based in the United Kingdom ” It takes a landmass larger than China to grow the food each year that is ultimately never eaten – land that has been deforested, species that have been driven to extinction, indigenous populations that have been moved, soil that has been degraded – all to produce food that we then just throw away. In addition, food that is never eaten accounts for 25% of all freshwater consumption globally.”


The problems mentioned above should be a concern for the food industry. As recently an article was written by Mike Wheeler for FoodMag asking a good question that might be, also a solution to the food waste problem. Can Save Food Packaging Design minimize food waste? “Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), as a core participant of the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre, has been working on guidelines that will help packaging technologists to design Save Food Packaging to minimize food waste. This is by using innovative and intuitive design features that can contain and protect, preserve, extend shelf life, and can be opened and resealed easily, providing consumer convenience and portion control – while also meeting global sustainable packaging targets.” as it quotes from the FoodMag.

Breakthrough in Food Packaging

1. Design to contain and protect the product from spoilage and damage from the manufacturer’s warehouse and the various stages of distribution.
2. Design to promote and communicate to consumers how to handle, store, prepare and reuse food products.
3. Design to meet 2025 National Packaging and Global Sustainable Packaging Targets.

We all can hope that soon, near in the future food waste will no longer be our society’s problem. That food can be reused and redistributed to end hunger. That sharing our food with others who need is possibly done. and after all, sharing is caring right?

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