FT Internship Seminar Empowers Students with Career Insights

Jakarta, 27 June 2024 – As an effort to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional expertise, the Student Service Division proudly hosted the FT Internship Seminar on 27 June 2024. The event aimed to equip FT students with valuable information and insights on internships and career paths within the food industry. The seminar featured distinguished speakers with substantial experience in the food sector, who shared their journeys and expertise to inspire and guide the students. FT students are able to gain insights and knowledge from this event by sharing sessions of the speaker on their experiences with internship. The event’s focus was on fostering a dynamic learning environment, where students could explore various career opportunities and network with industry professionals.

The seminar itself will mostly cover potential career paths and networking opportunities. In this event, FT students are expected to communicate with the speaker to explore their curiosities and insights related to internship, which will be useful in the future.

Here are the list of the speakers and their topics: 

  1. Galih Nugroho (PT Nutrifood) – Determine The Light of Your Own Path
  2. Laurensia (Alumni Cohort 2019) – Transitioning from Intern to Work
  3. Totok Kurniawan (Kalbe Nutritionals) – A Piece of Your Career Puzzle
  4. Sebastian Fernando (Alumni Cohort 2019) – Determine The Light of Your Own Path

Throughout the seminar, students engaged in interactive Q&A sessions with the speakers, delving into topics such as industry trends, skill development, and career planning. These discussions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed in the food industry.

The FT Internship Seminar proved to be an invaluable platform for students to gain insights, network with professionals, and clarify their career aspirations. The Student Service Division’s initiative has undoubtedly empowered FT students to make informed decisions about their internship experiences and future career paths.

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