BRIGHT Session during online learning

SCi Learning and Development (LnD) division is responsible for student’s soft skills development in collaboration with CSD. One of the programs of LnD is the BRIGHT session which functions as a platform to develop student’s skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, and teamwork. Even when the learning activities were done from home, it did not stop i3L from facilitating its students to improve their soft skills. BRIGHT sessions were held every Saturday from November 7th until December 19th with different topics and speakers through a virtual meeting platform. The speakers for the BRIGHT sessions were from both internal and guest speakers. The first BRIGHT session topic was about communication skills with Mr. Pri Notowidigdo (C-Suite Headhunter & Executive Coach, PRI for People Matters). In this session, the speaker discusses on how to communicate effectively in intercultural communication for better career opportunities. The material was delivered in the form of question polls and a brief explanation for each answer of the poll.

The second and third topic was about business development in collaboration with SCi Business Division. The second session was delivered by Mr. Toronata Tambun, the founder of Aren Energy Investment Pte Ltd, alumni of Harvard Business School and affiliate alumni of MIT Sloan. In this session, the material was delivered in a different way. The students were given a case study about C16 Biosciences: Lab-Grown Palm Oil and must find a way to develop the business with critical thinking. Unlike the second session, the third session was delivered in a form of sharing session of Mr. Iwan Surjawan, Ph.D. as the rector of i3L and Ms. Nancy Jose-Cecil as the guest speaker. Ms. Nancy has a lot of experience in the food industry especially in meat & bakery manufacturing. This session aimed to encourage students to innovate and what to consider in developing a product.

The fourth session, with Mr. Pri Notowidigdo, leadership skills were discussed. From this session, students are expected to improve their leadership skills within 6 months after participating in this session. The last BRIGHT session topic is about life after graduation with Dr. Fendy Susanto, M.Sc., CSP (Head of Marketing Soyjoy) and MM Kanya Anindita, S.P. (Brand Communication Executive Soyjoy, Alumna of i3L) as the speakers. All of the BRIGHT sessions were moderated by Mr. Richard Sutejo, Ph.D. as Head of i3L Master in BioManagement.



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