Bright Communication i3L

The BRIGHT series returned with a new discussion which was very useful for i3L students and alumni. During the last BRIGHT session, the topic which was brought forth was communication skills in intercultural settings for a better career. As many as 433 students and alumni attended the virtual session and shared their insights with the participants. The session, held on November 7, 2020, was a collaboration between the Centre of Student Development (CSD), i3L School of Business (iSB), and Student Council of i3L (SCi).

C-suite headhunter and executive coach, Mr. Pri Notowidigdo, was invited as the guest speaker of the session to share his insights on the cultural differences among countries and the best approaches to communicate without falling into misunderstanding. With regards to the cultural differences in international settings, Mr. Prinotowidigdo put a special emphasis on the importance of mutual understanding especially for professional network building.

To symbolically conclude the session, participants, the guest speaker and committee took a picture together.

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