Bioinformatics In Crime Solving

Back in early 2000, there were TV series that have a massive impact on law enforcement in The United States. the television series succeeded in making the forensics program at colleges and university increase drastically. The series is titled CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). Series following an elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts as they work their cases in Las Vegas. How CSI become such a phenomenal series is on how the series depicted law enforcement. For the first time, it highlights a team of scientists solving a crime.

One of the elements of that CSI series was DNA analysis that was found at the crime scene. such as hair, saliva, body fluid, blood, and nails, and with just one drop of blood or body fluid our protagonist can map and profile someone’s DNA. Thanks to Bioinformatics for that miracle.

Quoted from Jurnal Riset Rumpun Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam in CURRENT EVIDENCE ON BIOINFORMATICS ROLE AND DIGITAL FORENSICS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO FORENSIC SCIENCE: UPCOMING THREAT “we all know, forensic DNA has become a biologically valid evidence tool based on biological samples such as blood, hair, fingerprints, skin lining, feces, semen, sperm fluid, soft tissues, urine, vaginal fluid, saliva, and bone structure. The samples can be analyzed bioinformatically to reveal the truth of objective biological evidence. Forensic experts almost always submit an analysis of biological samples for clues. Not only that, but bioinformatics in practice is also inseparable from the digital approach. Of course, this has become a point of achievement in forensic science, especially forensic biology at the molecular level.

When we combine bioinformatics and forensic analysis, researchers can review cases using DNA testing. An automated analysis system can then be used to store the DNA profiles of known offenders and to provide an objective review while making the results easy to understand. Forensic analysis and bioinformatics rely heavily on computer science and statistics.

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