Food Technology is having the spotlight now because this department is getting popular. It’s because food technology is proven to give a really useful science, moreover, Indonesia is a country with a wealthy amount of food materials.

Food Technology teaches students to cultivate and process food materials using technology so that it can be products with high use value and an even higher selling value. On the other hand, food materials will have high good nutritional value and fit for consumption.

Below are three real benefits of the role of food technology for society that we can all know about.

1.Make foods have a longer expiration period

Food Technology often, let’s say, make food material A, processed to become food material B, which later will have longer expiration period. For example, a food product with milk as its raw material which later on is processed in such a way and well packed so that it becomes another product like cheese and yogurt that can last a long time.

Another example is milk which later is processed to be milk powder or packaged milk that we know has a longer expiration period if we compare it with milk that hasn’t gone through any processing. This will make the products can be distributed to various places which means more people can consume them.

2.Keep foods nutrition locked properly

Other than making the shelf life of food products last longer, food technology also makes it possible for a food product to keep its nutrition well even though it has been processed in a such away. For example, canned fish which has the fish preserved and packaged in a certain effective way, not dangerous for human body, and make the fish still have nutrition that is well kept.

3.Eliminate bacteria or disease from the food

Besides the two reasons that have been told above, another benefit from the application of food technology is making bacteria or another disease that probably exist in food materials are destroyed. It’s because there is a high-level heating technology or other technologies that can kill dangerous microorganisms inside food materials. For example, milk processing with pasteurization technology or UHT (Ultra High Temperature). This method is greatly effective to kill harmful bacteria in raw milk so later it will be free from dangerous materials and can also last a long time. On top of that, with special packaging, this milk product will be of even higher quality.



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