An Introduction to Machine Learning in Healthcare

The Departments of Pharmacy and Bioinformatics of i3L collaborated on an online webinar to introduce the public, especially those with a healthcare background, to machine learning and how it applies to healthcare
By apt. Alya Ghina Aqila Arham, M.Sc. Faculty Member, Pharmacy Department
machine learning

Machine learning is a computational method that allows computers to ‘learn’ without explicit programming. Despite the growing number of machine learning applications in healthcare, the understanding of this method is still limited especially among those with a healthcare background. 

Therefore, on May 22, 2021, apt. Alya Ghina Aqila Arham, M.Sc. from the Pharmacy Department, and Nanda Rizqia Pradana Ratnasari, M.Stat. from the Bioinformatics Department briefly introduced those with a healthcare background to machine learning as it applies to healthcare.

The webinar began with an introduction to machine learning: why it is important in healthcare, its workflow, as well as its applications in healthcare. A mini-workshop was then conducted where participants were able to experience a hands-on practice using machine learning using the Orange software. 

This webinar was attended by 199 participants: 65.7% of them were university students, 16% were professionals in the healthcare industry, 8.7% were teachers/lecturers, and 8.3% were students. Overall, around 90% of the participants were satisfied with the webinar.


apt. Alya Ghina Aqila Arham, M.Sc.
Faculty Member, Pharmacy Department

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