Greetings From Our Rector

On behalf of our faculties and staff, greetings to i3l Community. Although i3L is considered as a young institute, our faculties, students, and alumni have managed to carve many achievements at the national, regional and international levels. Within 8 years since the Institute is founded, we have managed to increase our national accreditation from Good to Very Good and we believe that this is only the beginning of our journey in pursuing excellence.

i3L is committed to provide high-quality education, research, and cutting-edge innovations to serve the industry and to educate future scientists, entrepreneurs, and leaders. We pride ourselves on being a globally connected institution with plethora of international programs to offer students who are preparing to enter upon the world stage.

Katherine, S.T., Ph.D.
Rector of i3L

Rector's Annual Report

i3L is releasing a yearly rector’s report,¬†showcasing highlights of our achievements, research, and events.



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