Pharmacy and Biomedicine study program in collaboration with Family Welfare Development group (PKK) and Juru Pemberantasan Jentik (JUMANTIK) of RW 11 Kelurahan Kayu Putih organized two community service events in July 2018. The objective of the events is to empower community in order to support eradication of Dengue hemorrhagic fever in the surrounding area. The events were held in Mekarsari private elementary school in 14 & 21 July 2018.

First event delivered topic about Dengue hemorragic fever that comprised of the virus, vector, transmission, signs and symptoms and emergency treatment. The first event involves Richard Sutejo, Ph.D., head of Biomedicine study program as a speaker and was attended by 30 participants, majority are housewives. The event was very interactive and the participants showed enthusiasm by asking various questions. The participants were also required to fill pre-test and post-test in between the counseling. After the counseling, the committee visited participants houses to monitor the mosquito larvae infestation in their water container. Based on the pre-test and post-test, it was concluded that participants had good knowledge about dengue hemorragic fever. It was also found that mosquito larvae infestation rate among participants was low.

Second event carried out the topic of danger of synthetic mosquito repellent and workshop about making the repellent cream from natural product such as lemongrass, orange peel and mint leaves. This event involves Leonny Hartiadi, Apt., Ph.D., head of pharmacy study program as a speaker whereas workshop was conducted by Agnes Anania, Apt. M.Bionanoengineering. The participants were provided materials needed for making mosquito repellent cream and they could also bring their product home. The participants were very happy since they could obtain new knowledge, skills, and free product. To add the joyfullness, committee also provided doorprizes. 1 month after the workshop, committee collected information using questionnaire about level of knowledge, habit and consistency towards natural product-based mosquito repellent cream. These events were held as one of three pillars of higher education in Indonesia (Teaching, Research and Community Service). These events also introduced i3L as institution to the surrounding community.