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Info Session Magister BioManagement-Tartine FX

i3L proudly presents Information Session for our Double Degree Program. Double Degree Program, Magister Bio Manajemen and Master Science in International Management is offered by i3L in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

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i3L Summer Science Camp

i3L offers programs tailored for each age group. Science Camp Programs will be held June 12-16, 2017.

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All is Fair in Love? How to Data Mine the Perfect Boyfriend

“I'm going to keep using these online dating sites, but I'm going to treat them as databases, and rather than waiting for an algorithm to set me up, I think I'm going to try reverse-engineering this entire system"

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Extraordinary Crimes and Bioinformatics on the crossroad

After the curtain was closed for the cold war era, the world was still in the state of political uncertainty. The warring strategies of the belligerent parties have been shifted from conventional towards asymmetrical warfare.

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i3L Powertalk - Prof. Pete Monk - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

i3L proudly presents i3L Power Talk event series. In the upcoming Power Talk, Prof. Pete Monk, Professor of Immunology and Director for International Affairs for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at The University of Sheffield, UK will share his insights in a talk titled Medical Research Using Living Human Tissues.

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