Generally, biotechnology is an application of biological organism, system and engineering process in the goods and services industry for human benefits.

Biotechnology plays an important role in technological achievement in human history. With this technology, human have understanding and applying science which has wide involvement for human life or nature.  Biotechnology becomes one of the rapidly growing applied sciences, following demand flows of world globalization which impacts the problems faced by humans increasingly complex.

Agriculture Biotechnology

Agriculture Biotechnology is a method that involves living things or organisms to produce new products in agriculture so that it’s useful for human life. The application of biotechnology can increase the productivity in agriculture. Biotechnology utilization in plant cultivations is marked by the number of new cultivar plant discoveries or new variety called transgenic plants, which have certain characteristics.

The experts have made many uses of biotechnology to manage problems which often faced by the farmers, such as pests, long harvest time, poor yields, less land area, and limited seeds variation. The farmers are helped by biotechnology and now they can easily solve their problems in agriculture.

In animal husbandry, biotechnology has helped increasing the quantity and quality of livestock. For example, multiple ovulation, in-vitro fertilization, and embryo micromanipulation.

Agricultural biotechnology gives so many benefits, these benefits include:

  • Produce seeds with superior traits
  • Increase plant’s growth and development also doubled agricultural output
  • Produce agribusiness products with high competitiveness
  • Creation of plants with good resistance to pests and various conditions
  • Creation of plants which can produce their own fertilizers.

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