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We were honored to host Dr. Caecilia Sukowati, a researcher from the Italian Liver Foundation, Trieste, at our Hybrid PowerTalk on July 26, 2022. She expertly referenced her research in translational medicine, cancer stem cell markers, and hepatocarcinogenesis to tell a life story, inspire young minds to chase their dreams, and show that research tran- scends borders. Although Dr. Sukowati is now fluent in Italian and quite comfort- able in her adoptive home, she continues to contribute her efforts towards advancing knowledge of genetic charac- teristics, epidemiology, and molecular mechanisms of hepatitis viruses in Indonesia with her work at BRIN (National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia).

Congratulations to 

Claryssa Bianca (Biomedicine Cohort 2018) and
Elizabeth Sidharta, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Head of Biomedicine) 

on their collaboration with Italian Liver Foundation on their research with the title of 
“Role of hepatitis B virus in development of hepatocellular carcinoma: Focus on Covalently closed circular DNA.”

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