Rizky Nurdiansyah, S.Si., M.Si.

Faculty of BioInformatics

Research Interest


Rizky Nurdiansyah obtained both of his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Biology Department, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia. Rizky has diverse research experiences in the Bioinformatics field. He was involved in the COVID-19 drug discovery project with Nanocenter Indonesia. He also led the research team to elucidate the vaccine candidate for malaria using the phylogenetic approach. He was also involved in a kombucha SCOBY analysis study and population genetics projects with A*Star Singapore and Huazhong University, China. The current projects that Rizky is working on are soil metagenomics and molecular identification study, in collaboration with Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN) Indonesia, and COVID-19 data mining project in collaboration with Asia University, Taiwan. In terms of CSR, Rizky has been involved in IT empowerment of local primary school students and python programming training for IT teachers in East Jakarta and high school students. He was also involved as a speaker in various Bioinformatics-related webinars held by i3L, Sciencewerke Indonesia, and also Teikyo University, Japan. With passion and experience in Bioinformatics, Rizky is enthusiastic to share his experience, teach, and research in the rapidly developing area of study.


Research Activity and Highlighted Project

Selected Publication

Parikesit, A. A., Imron, I., Nurdiansyah, R., & Agustriawan, D. (2022). The Structural Annotations of The Mir-122 Non-Coding RNA from The Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis niloticus). HAYATI Journal of Biosciences29(2), 171-181.

Devanthi, P. V. P., Kho, K., Nurdiansyah, R., Briot, A., Taherzadeh, M. J., & Aslanzadeh, S. (2021). Do Kombucha Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast Affect Bacterial Cellulose Yield in Molasses?. Journal of Fungi7(9), 705.

Wu, D., Li, P. Y., Pan, B., Tiang, Z., Dou, J., Williantarra, I., Nurdiansyah, R., … & Wang, C. (2021). Genetic admixture in the culturally unique Peranakan Chinese population in Southeast Asia. Molecular Biology and Evolution38(10), 4463-4474.

Harisna, A. H., Nurdiansyah, R., Syaifie, P. H., Nugroho, D. W., Saputro, K. E., Prakoso, C. D., … & Mardliyati, E. (2021). In silico investigation of potential inhibitors to main protease and spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 in propolis. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports26, 100969.

Ramanto, K. N., & Nurdiansyah, R. (2021). Structural and immunogenicity analysis of reconstructed ancestral and consensus P48/45 for cross-species anti malaria transmission-blocking vaccine. Computational Biology and Chemistry92, 107495.


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