Rizky Nurdiansyah, S.Si., M.Si.

Faculty of BioInformatics

Rizky Nurdiansyah, S.Si., M.Si. is one of the faculty members of Bioinformatics in I3L. Received both master and a bachelor degree in Biology from Brawijaya University, Indonesia with the major interest in molecular biology and bioinformatics. During the university days, he made 3 research publications and participated in international courses, such as Indonesia-German Network for Teaching, Training, and Research (IGN-TTRC) course in molecular biology and Programming course in Germany.
He has a deep interest to explore Indonesia’s natural resources and how to utilize Indonesia Mega-biodiversity for the greater good.

  • Nurdiansyah R., Rifa’i M., Widodo. A comparative analysis of serum albumin from different species to determine a natural source of albumin that might be useful for human therapy. J Taibah Univ Med Sc., 2016; 11(3):243-249.
  • Wiratno, E.K., Nurdiansyah, R., Basyaruddin, M., Riyanto, S., Rupilu, N.S., and Retnaningdyah C. Spatial Diversity of Macrobenthic in Ngenep Spring Due to Anthropogenic Activities. J.Ind.Tour.Dev.Std., 2016, Vol.4, No.1: 19-24.
  • Nurdiansyah, R. Lestari S.R., F. Fatchiyah. Nutrigenomics study: Igf-1 Inhibition at Rat Visceral Tissue with Rambutan Peel Extract. Jurnal Biotropika, 2013. Vol 6. No.1 (http://biotropika.ub.ac.id/index.php/biotropika/issue/view/18).

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