Learning Physics Make You Better Leader Elon Musk Framework Of Thinking

Learning Physics Make You Better Leader Elon Musk Framework Of Thinking

We need to talk about Elon. whether it’s about His controversial or excentric name He gives to His son that gets everybody in the world to try to figure out how to pronounce that name. Recently Elon will be soon the owner of the little blue bird, Twitter. And no, surely we will not talk about Elon about all of that mentioned above. We need to talk about Elon on how he become one of the most influential people in the world.

As the world already knows Elon Musk has a kind of excentric personality and radical thinker. Elon Musk pursued a dual degree major back in His college day. Business and Physics. A very contradictive major to combine isn’t it. “It was an unusual combination,” Elon told Physics World in 2007, “and I enjoyed the physics more. I’m not sure I would study business again if I could replay things.” later on He continued, “I think physics gives you a mental framework for problem-solving. It also teaches you to be willing to admit you’re wrong.”

Some believe that learning physics makes Elon Musk a better leader. Elon develop a framework of thinking called First Principle Reasoning a theory that he developed while studying Physics. Musk said, wherein you ” try to identify the most fundamental truths in any particular arena and you reason up from there.”

This framework of thinking gives Elon a solid foundation in build up one of his big game-changer venture, SpaceX. The idea of SpaceX is basically to make mandkind as interplanetary species. Elon explained, saying that “if you were reasoning by analogy, you’d assume that that’s just the way things are.” “But it’s not,” he said. Learning physics taught Elon to think about what’s actually possible and to go for it. 


Elon Musk Framework Of Thinking :

“I do think there is a good framework for thinking. It is physics – you know the sort of first principles reasoning … What I mean by that is boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there as opposed to reasoning by analogy.

Though most of our life we get through it by reasoning through analogy, which essentially means copying what other people do with slight variations. And you have to do that, otherwise mentally you wouldn’t be able to get through the day. But when you want to do something new you have to apply the physics approach. Physics has really figured out how to discover new things that are counter-intuitive, like quantum mechanics … so I think that’s an important thing to do. And then also really pay attention to negative feedback and solicit it, particularly from friends. This may sound like simple advice but hardly anyone does that and it’s incredibly helpful.”

physics trains leaders to understand problems in their most essential parts, and then deduce from there — often with staggering amounts of innovation to follow.

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