Highlights of Competitions Won from December 2023 to February 2024

Congratulations to our students on their achievements in winning competitions! Their achievements are inspiring and something to be proud of not only for themselves but also for the institution and the people within it. Here’s a list of students who won competitions from December 2023 to February 2024.



Student’s Name


Runner up in Business Model Canvas Competition The 13th University of Indonesia Studentpreneurs

  • Adella Aurel (FT-20)
  • Antonia Caitlin Gondowardoyo (FSN-20)
  • Reynaldi Budiman W. (FSN-20)


First Winner and Best Performance in The ELEGAN Modelling and Song Competition (Singing Competition)

Jennifer Marsha Susanto (BT-21)


First Winner in Kejuaraan Nasional (Kejurnas) Pencak Silat HIMSSI (Himpunan Seni Silat Indonesia) GP Ke-3 Open Tahun 2024

Muhammad Bagus Darmawan (IBM-21)


Runner Up in National E2C Gets Talent Essay Competition 2024 

Verren Caroline (BT-22)


Top 5 and Best Presentation in E2C Gets Talent Competition 2024

  • Ni Luh Nitya Sawitri (BM-23)
  • Netanya Yoceline Ongkosuwito (BM-23)
  • Steviany Nugraha (BM-23)

These impressive accomplishments showcase the talents and hard work of i3L students in different areas. Congratulations to them for their well-earned successes! We hope these achievements can inspire others to reach for excellence.

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