CSR Campaign is a social media campaign by SCi’s Community Outreach division to raise i3L students’ awareness on environmental issues. There are 2 periods for this challenge where students can gather 2 CSR points for each period. In this campaign, participants were asked to raise environmental awareness by doing a 5 days challenge according to the topic. This campaign used instagram post and story as the social media platform. The first period of this campaign has already been held on 22-26 February 2021 with the topic #EarthChallenge. Along with the challenge, a video competition was held with prizes up to Rp 150.000,00.

In the first period, 104 participants enrolled and finished this campaign. On 21 February 2021, participants were obliged to post a photo of themselves using a twibbon prepared by the committee. On the next day, the 5 days challenge began. The first day started with a “Go out for a walk”, where participants were encouraged to walk outside for exercise, leisure or for doing any errands. Participants must post a story using the provided template, showing a picture of them doing out the activity. On the second day, participants were encouraged to share their knowledge about an environmental issue in which they were given the chance to express their creativity using the instagram story/video feature without using any template. On the third day, participants were encouraged to eat plant-based foods to raise awareness about the harmful greenhouse gases generated by meat production. Participants must provide documentation of their foods using the twibbon given. On the fourth day, participants must fill a bingo about conserving water and electricity. By minimizing the use of water and electricity, participants promoted an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. On the last day, participants were encouraged to plant a tree to symbolize future growth and in resilience in making the world an environmentally friendly place. 

This period’s video competition winners are @virliazhangg as 1st winner and @cindymetta_ as 2nd winner. The next period of CSR campaign will be held on 26-30 April 2021 with the topic #ZeroWasteChallenge. Join this campaign and raise environmental awareness to make a better future! 

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