BRIGHT: Visual Identity - Visually Shaping Brand Perception

Viewing the brand through the eyes of arts

By Siti Aisyah FD

Center of Student Development

On February 6, 2021, Center of Student Development (CSD) hosted the BRIGHT Session, which was a collaboration between i3L and Kalbis Institute. The topic of this edition of BRIGHT Session was the Basics of Visual Design. The theme is passably fresh for i3L students and alumni, considering the campus’s focus which does not cover the area of arts. This opportunity was utilized by 90 participants to channel their interest in visual design, specifically for building the perception of a new brand.

In this elective BRIGHT program, the discussion was led by Bapak Juniar S.Sn., M.Ds. as the guest speaker of the session. The participants were taught the main skills and basic understanding of how to design a new product. With such insights, Bapak Juniar broke down the relationship between the trademark of a brand and human psychology as trademarks play a pivotal role in the purchase of a product. The session was closed by a constructive Q & A session. 

Brand Perception
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