Biomedicine and Why You Should Learn About It​

What makes tickles your sense of curiosity to learn something new? Is it the subject, or because of its challenging aspects, or because it's a noble cause? Even better the all of the three mentioned above are probably your reason to learn something new.

Biomedicine and Why You Should Learn About It

in the fast modern world that We’re living right now, it is important to learn something new. some skillset that can help you improve yourself or others. In that matter, you should try taking a major or study Biomedicine. In recent years and more to come developments in the healthcare industry are progressing rapidly. So, taking study on biomedicine is so relevant.

Biomedicine itself is a collective name for the biological topics focusing primarily on human health and well-being. Biomedicine’s scope includes analyzing human biological samples, performing research on human and animal diseases, participating in the development of therapeutic strategies, such as vaccines, medicines, and medical treatments. Biomedicine is the central and critical step for drug and therapy design and discovery. So, here are some honorable mentions of 

Why you should learn Biomedicine 

1. Covering interesting and challenging topics

Biomedicine gives you access to uncover so much more about how the human body works. You’ll learn about how different body systems work, how a disease affects the functioning of these systems, and how to diagnose and treat diseases. You will be privy to the cutting-edge research and technological advances that help us diagnose and treat diseases. The Biomedicine study program at i3L focuses on Infectious Diseases and Tumor Biology, which are still major health problems in Indonesia. Students are trained in extensive practical and implementation projects, both nationally and internationally, to develop their pathways towards becoming biomedical experts.

2. Career Options and a vast variety of job possibilities 

Not only having biomedical scientists titled is cool enough, but you also get to choose a variety of job possibilities. From Full-time researcher to Molecular geneticist. As Biomedical Scientist you can also communicate your expertise in biomedical science to the general public by writing for prestigious scientific publications or just being a Scientific copy editor. and the list goes on such as clinical biochemistry, genetics, hematology, immunology, toxicology, and research. With a Biomedicine degree in your pocket, it is possible for you to work in forensic too.

3. Develop formidable skillsets

By learning biomedicine you’ll be gaining more than you can bargain. You’ll develop a valuable set of skills including problem-solving, teamwork, data handling and analysis, organization, and communication. These kinds of set of skills are impressive in the eyes of an employer, This extensive skill set will be extremely valuable no matter what career path you choose. and many are also transferable if you choose to enter a different line of work.

4. For a Good Cause: Help Others and The Preservation Of Humanity

The knowledge you gain from such a degree in biomedical sciences can help humanity continue to exist. Such as helping to find a cure for a disease, prolonging the life of others, and helping them to survive. Build a new technology of biomedical equipment that can solve solutions to global problems, and hopefully thrive.

What Can You Do With Biomedicine

Here at i3L Biomedicine study program focuses on research and innovation that bridge the research on human health with drug development. Currently, our program offers two specialization streams that focus on human diseases, which are tumor biology and infectious diseases. We utilize the triple-helix (academia, business, and government) approach that strategizes and implements the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community.

Biomedicine Bachelor's Program

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