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i3L Got Talent: End of the Year Celebration


To celebrate the end of the year, i3L hosted an event called “i3L Got Talent: End of the Year Celebration on Friday, December 9th, 2016. This event provided an opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, music, and theatrical performances.  This event was also an opportunity for i3L students, lecturers, and staff to work together and create a bond as one big i3L family.   

Hosted by Nico (Biomedicine, 2014) and Titis (Biomedicine, 2015), “i3L Got Talent” started off with a unique cup stacking performance of by Gerson (BioMedicine, 2016). The act was then followed by the Vocal Group United club singing Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes’ biggest hit” Almost Is Never Enough.” The event continued with a total of 13 amazing performances which included traditional Dance, Mix Martial Arts, Vocal United, Modern Dance, Music Community & performance arts.

During the intermezzo, i3L students, faculty members, and staff enjoyed a delicious potluck feast. The event then continued with outstanding performances of Music Community and dance duet by Modern Dance club. Finally, to close the show, Performance Arts club presented an unforgettable theatrical performance about love and friendship.

i3L Got Talent proves that i3L students are not just learning about science, but they also have ample opportunities to develop their talents in other areas and express these talents in a positive way. 

Robi Kurniyadi