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Student Exchange with UNSW

As a premium life science education and research institute, i3L welcomes all science enthusiasts. Four UNSW students are going to have an exchange program in i3L as a part of UNSW’s New Colombo Plan exchange program to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge in i3L.

i3L provides a ‘blue ocean’ for entrepreneurs by combining science, technology and business. Blue ocean strategy describes how organizations should try to find a way to work in a marketplace that is free of competitors. Therefore, entrepreneur students from UNSW are going to join i3L’s Bio-Technology program and concentrate on learning the intersection between biology and technology, ranging from process design, modeling and control to more scientific area such as DNA technology, cellular biology, microbiology and biochemistry. Innovations in biotechnology will systematically creating new demand and subsequently "blue oceans" of uncontested market space ripe for growth. Not only the science innovation aspect, they will also learn about business commercialization as a part of i3L’s Entrepreneurship curriculum.

Not only with the UNSW, i3L has established several global connections to science industries across the world including Camtech Diagnostic, University of Arkansas, Deakin University of Australia, Teikyo University and many more. i3L believes that our students should be exposed to multinational cultures to broaden their mind. More than 50% of i3L student has had their internship abroad.

i3L currently offers seven undergraduate study programs: Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Food Science, Food Technology, Pharmacy and Entrepreneurship; and one master program in Bio Management. In addition to degree programs, i3L also offers professional training and courses within the life science and management arena.

Robi Kurniyadi