Indonesia International Institute of Life Sciences (i3L) held its inaugural Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, 8 December 2018, to celebrate the achievements of i3L’s very first graduates. This occasion is testament to the dedication and hard work of i3L’s students, staff members and founders. About three hundred people attended the ceremony in the i3L auditorium to celebrate the success of forty-eight i3L first graduates, who completed their degrees from our school of life science and school of business study program. The audience included family members of the graduates, as well as representatives of industries and government.

In this occasion, we as i3L is proud to announce the names of i3L’s best graduates from each of our study program. From BioEntrepreneurship, the best graduate is Vanda Gabriella Singing Glory Oeripto from Karang Turi Semarang, from BioInformatics the best graduate is Muhamad Fachrul from SMAN 26 Jakarta, from BioMedicine the best graduate is Giardani Syafitri from Dwiwarna SHS, from BioTechnology the best graduate is Geofanny Facicilia from Zion SHS, from Food Science and Nutrition the best graduate is Rio Alif Ramzi from Gonzaga SHS, and last but not least from Food Technology the best graduate is Shinta Marchelia Sugiharto from from SMAK Kosayu Malang. We are also would like to give huge congratulation to Giardani Syafitri, our student from BioMedicine study program for becoming the Most Outstanding Graduate of Cohort 2014.

The graduates are going on to interesting and exciting new adventures. For instance, Rio Alif Ramzy from Food Science and Nutrition already got a job placement at PT. Lautan Luas. Tbk in a position of Development Officer in Food Division. Other graduates are also taking up positions in life science and business industries such as Prodia Stem Cell, PT. Kalbe Farma, Unilever, Deloiite, and many more.

In this event, we are honored to welcomed Dr. M. Samsuri, SPd. MT as Pelaksana Harian from LLDikti – Kopertis Region III Jakarta. In his speech, Dr. M. Samsuri highlighted the information for i3L’s alumni that i3L is already accredited B and therefore all graduates had been legally accepted by Indonesia’s government rule and regulation.

“As much as today is a celebration of you and what you’ve accomplished none of it would be impossible without the support you’ve received from others, friends, parents, sisters, brothers – who’ve nurtured you, encouraged you, and believed in you.” In his academic message speech for Alumni, Vice Rector II of i3L, Mr. Iwan Surjawan, Ph.D congratulated the students and told them that the graduation was the culmination of a long and challenging but ultimately rewarding journey. “When you move into a career you should aspire to build a reputation for being trustworthy. I promise it will be your best of invest as it will pay rich dividends all your life. When we think of the trust we should not only think about relationship between people but also between institutions. The world needs more trust and leaders in life sciences industries and businesses, because there is no more powerful force other than those to solve our life and earth problems and to enable billions of people to live healthier, greener, and prosperous lives.”

This was a very special day in the history of i3L’s graduation ceremony. Congratulations to the graduates and may they enjoy every success in their future endeavors.