In Semarang, i3L went to Sedes Sepiantiae, Karang Turi, Theresiana, Gandhi Memorial International School, YSKI, Tri Tunggal, and Krista Mitra High Schools. More than 200 students were experiencing our workshop from BioTechnology, BioEntrepreneurship, BioMedicine, Pharmacy, FoodTechnology, and BioInformatics delivered by our faculty. For our BioTechnology workshop, students had the opportunity to learn how to turn a trash into gas. In the end of the week, we held our career seminar for parents and students in Semarang in collaboration with Budi Agus Pranoto, Head of Kalbe Nutritionals who shared his stories about food and life sciences career opportunity. Parent and students showed a lot of interest about the topics and want to know more about i3L.