Iwan Setiawan, Ph.D. is i3L faculty member of BioInformatics and was graduated from St. Paul high school in Pontianak before moved to Michigan, USA to pursue his study. In USA, he studied in Saginaw Valley State University for his bachelor of science in Biochemistry. After graduated from Saginaw Valley University, he was offered full assistantship to pursue PhD in Analytical Chemistry in Michigan State University. During his doctorate study in MSU, his research was focusing on creating a model mammalian lipid membrane, probing the dynamics of lipid membrane bilayer as well as understanding lipid bilayer membrane interaction with small organic molecules (short chain alcohols).

Research Publication

  • Iwan Setiawan and Gary J. Blanchard, “Structural Disruption of Phospholipid Bilayers Over a Range of  Length Scales by n-Butanol,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B2014, 118 (11), 3085-3093
  • Iwan Setiawan and Gary J. Blanchard, “Ethanol-Induced Perturbations to Planar Lipid Bilayer Structures,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B2014, 118, 537-546
  • Iwan Setiawan and G. J. Blanchard, “Evaluating the Sensitivity of Lipid Headgroup-Bound Chromophores to Their Local Environment,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2012, 116, 966-973
  • Dorota Nieciecka, Aleksandra Joniec, Iwan Setiawan, G. J. Blanchard, Pawel Krysinski,  “Interactions of Doxorubicin with Organized Interfacial Assemblies.  2. Spectroscopic Characterization,” Langmuir2013,14570-14579