Fredy Jumandra BMedSc (Hons), MBA was born in Jakarta. He completed his Bachelor degree in Biomedical science at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom in 2009. He developed his interest in Immunology & his thesis focus was on ADP-ribosylating toxins.

He has worked in Singapore as healthcare research analyst which focuses on researching various technology & medication to many major diseases in Southeast Asian country in order to develop new drugs & medical devices as a solution for the patients.

In 2012, he earned his MBA from Canberra University, Australia. Then, he returned to Indonesia and worked in various pharmaceutical companies to assist in launching & development of new export market for healthcare industry specializing in ethical drugs & medical devices.

Currently, he is working as a Faculty Member of Bioentrepreneurship program and head of business development in i3L. His interest is in new product development & commercialization of life sciences related products.