dr. Meutia trained as a medical doctor at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. During her medical study, she developed a deep interest in biomedical and translational research. As a result, she pursued an intercalating research degree at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. She then served as a general practitioner in a remote and underdeveloped regency in West Borneo, before joining i3L in 2016.
During her medical training, dr. Meutia strived to deliver real impact to society, earning her a finalist spot in Firman Lubis Award in Public Health. She completed her elective training in respiratory medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, Australia, funded by International Skills and Training Institute in Health. During her housemanship years, she maintained a strong research attitude, securing a first win in the poster competition in the 8th Malaysia Indonesia Brunei (Malindobru) Medical Sciences Conference.
dr. Meutia aspires to bring her bedside experience and biomedical expertise to i3L students and to promote Biomedical research in Indonesia.
Her primary research interest is in ageing and mitochondrial genetics. Her previous research predicts that mitochondrial degeneration contributes to the age-related risk of type 2 diabetes.

Research history and academic publication

  • Nile DL, Brown AE, Kumaheri MA, Blair HR, Heggie A, et al. (2014) Age-Related Mitochondrial DNA Depletion and the Impact on Pancreatic Beta Cell Function. PLoS ONE 9(12): e115433. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0115433
  • Saldi SR, Kumaheri MA, Wangge G, Prabowo Y, Sastroasmoro S, Kamal AF. (2015) Safety and clinical efficacy of modular endoprosthesis implant in limb salvage surgery in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – a national referral hospital in Indonesia. Abstract for HTAi Conference Oslo 2015.
  • Kumaheri MA. (2015) DOTS Implementation in MDR-TB Patients during Primary TB treatment: Association between PMO and Patient Compliance. Thesis for Bachelor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.